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When you need the best to help you recover data from Ransomware, we are here to help serving the Tampa and St Pete FL areas. CIO Tech provides the highest level of security services to our clients including complete security solutions, audits and more. We also provide an entire array of managed IT services to help your company stay on top of the data game.

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It Is Not a Question of If, But a Question of When!

Targeting Rate

In the past 12 months, 71% of organizations have been targeted by ransomware.

Infection Rate

Nearly 50% of those organizations targeted were infected with ransomware.

Lost Revenue Rate

Globally, 34% of organizations have lost revenue as a result of a ransomware infection.


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CIO Tech provides expert help in the Tampa / St Petersburg area with Ransomware infected machines. From small business to large scale enterprise data recovery, CIO Tech Ransomware Data Recovery Service in Tampa is your best choice for crucial file procurement. We can help companies of any size, with experience in many different ransomware types including Cryptolocker, Locky, LeChriffre, CTB Locker, Cryt0Locker, Cryptowall 2,3 and 4, Teslacrypt and many other malicious environments where you need expert handling of your hardware.

We understand that having peace of mind during a frantic time like this is important, and we are here to help you. We have helped many companies successfully recover their data, let us give you a Ransomware Evaluation immediately!

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Does My Insurance Cover the Cost of Data Recovery?

There is a good possibility your business insurance may cover the costs of the ransomware data recovery process.

Do not try to recover or decrypt your data on your own!

Immediately remove your computer or device from any network, turn it off and call us immediately.

Keep Your Business Gears Going and Keeping You Profitable

Let CIO Tech help you get your crucial data back fast and in one piece. We know you need to get back on track ASAP.

RansomRescue Can Help With All Types of RansomWare Infections

Wannacry ransomware removeal


The latest ransomware hitting the globe today labeled, 'NetPetya', is infecting thousands of systems across the globe and is thought to be even more dangerous than WannaCry.

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Wannacry ransomware removeal


The ransomware attack called 'Wanna' (also known as WannaCry, WCry, WanaCrypt and WanaCrypt0r) is encrypting files and changing the file extensions to: .wnry, .wcry, .wncry and .wncrypt.

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Cryptolocker ransomware removeal


CryptoLocker is considered to be one of the most common iterations of RansomWare. It is often seen in email attachments as a zipped archive. These emails may seem to have originated from reputable or recognized sources. The attachment is also often disguised as a PDF without the file extension.

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Cryptowall ransomware removeal


CryptoWall is another form of Ransomware that also encrypts files across systems and networks. This particular threat may arrive via spam emails with attachments, malicious ads, compromised websites or other types of malware.

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LeChiffre ransomware removeal


LeChiffre is a French term meaning “the number”. It is also translated roughly as the verb “encrypt.” This malware is quite different from it’s counterparts in that it must be run manually on the compromised system. Which is a departure from the norm where other malware simply spreads automatically infecting their machines.

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Locky ransomware removeal


Locky is a relative newcomer in the RansomWare world. First detected in 2016 it is often delivered via email with a Microsoft Word attachment claiming to be an invoice. The attachment, if downloaded and opened by the user can infect the device by virtue of malicious macros.

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CTB Locker ransomware removeal

CTB Locker

CTB Locker also uses encryption techniques to encrypt users’ data and then demand ransom in order to obtain a decryption key. A common delivery method is through email attachments that may seem to be legitimate to some. These attachments contain files that will execute a download on the system and then run it’s damaging course.

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Teslacrypt ransomware removeal


TeslaCrypt is an aggressive new type of ransomware. Considered to be a variant of the well known CryptoLocker, TeslaCrypt also encrypts files on a system running different versions of Windows including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8.

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Crypt0L0cker ransomware removeal


As with many other forms of RansomWare, Crpt0Locker is most often delivered by way of seemingly legitimate emails. Sometimes disguised as coming from reputable sources such as FedEx, DHL, etc these emails claim to contain shipping tracking info, invoices and the likes. They often appear to be safe enough to many users who ultimately open the email and download the attachment.

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